Chemical and Mechanical Vegetation Management

For over 50 years, VMSI has been a leader in vegetation management throughout the Gulf South.  Family owned for three generations and with locations in Louisiana, Texas and Mississippi, VMSI is sure to have the equipment and expertise to safely manage all of your vegetation control needs.

VMSI's Original Offices

Original VMSI Office

VMSI specializes in chemical and mechanical vegetation control including:

  • Solar Farms – Spraying, Mowing/Cutting, Fire Breaks, Panel Cleaning, Seeding/Fertilizing
  • Brush Control
  • Foliage Trimming and Removal
  • Utility Lines Transmission and Distribution
  • Pipe Line and Drainage Canal Spraying and Clearing
  • Bare Ground Vegetation Control
  • Bermuda Release Programs
  • Aquatic Vegetation Control
  • Lawn Maintenance, Weed Eating / Edging and Tractor Mowing
  • Road Shoulder Spraying
  • Right-of-way Reclamation and Bush-hogging
  • Canopy Cutting and Side Trimming
  • Dust Control Programs

VMSI proudly serves the solar industry, oil and gas industry, chemical firms, utility companies, county, city and state governments.

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