Chemical Vegetation Control

Chemical Basal Treatment

Chemical Basal Treatments are a form of foliage control and are applied to recently cleared land to help reduce regrowth.  The treatment is effective in preventing the emergence of weeds, wild berries, shrubs and trees.

Aquatic Vegetation Control

Aquatic Vegetation Control

Aquatic Vegetation Control

Using specialized equipment, VMSI provides aquatic vegetation management including waterways, drainage systems, navigational waters, marsh and swamp land.

Chemical vegetation control consists of the use of approved herbicides for the control of surface vegetation and submerged plants that help provide for aquatic maintenance that promotes healthy growth in a safe and controlled environment.

Bare Ground Vegetation Control

Bare ground vegetation control provides total control of all vegetation in specified areas.  We initially spray the areas to be treated & follow with scheduled resprays to provide 95% guaranteed control.

Bermuda Release Program

Bermuda release supplements your mowing program to maintain a consistent appearance. The Bermuda release program will minimize the number of mowings required.  The program releases the native Bermuda while eliminating unwanted vegetation.  This program is also available in drainage canals and ditches.